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 Summer is just around the corner (or some countries have already witnessed it) and social media is filled with pictures of body goals and shop are stacked with flowy light summer clothes, taking the hype of summer to another level. No matter how exciting and relaxing summer is, after few days the feeling overwhelms us and everything we planned just doesn’t seems to exists. The excitement just vanishes into thin air.

            So, when it feels like there’s nothing to do, here’s a list of 13 things you can do during the summer to make it a productive and memorable one.

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1. Learn a New Language: Learning never runs out of style. If you are someone who is interested in different cultures or planning to move to different country, then learning a new language will be of great use.

2. Go on a Solo Trip: Travelling is something that comes in mind when summer is approaching. Exploring different cities is an incredible experience and opportunity which no one should reject. If you never went on a solo trip, this summer take the chance and travel. Travelling solo can be scary, lonely and confusing but it challenges us in so many ways and make us understand that we can travel alone, have fun without the presence of another person, be self-dependent, etc.

3. Attend a Summer School: Summer Schools are the best place to keep yourself engaged, polish our skills and learn something new with like minded people. Many renowned schools and universities like Harvard, London School of Business, etc. Summer School programs ranges from technical to creativity. Summer Schools offer programs of all the kinds, and there’s always something for each one of us. The time period of Summer Schools has variations from couple days to few months. Attending Summer School has nothing to do with your age and qualification (but some courses may demand it), whether you are in your teens or have graduated university, you can still attend it.

4. Empty your Bucket List a little: Let’s admit it, we all have at least a bucket list, whether in our journal, in notes, pinterest boards or in our mind. And, it is overflowing with things we want to do before we hit the coffin. Let’s scratch off at least 2 things from our bucket list this summer and make space for new things to add in there.

5. Learn cooking: This is such a life saver which will always be useful irrespective of your age, gender, time period, it will be forever useful. If you are a teenager or someone moving out of their parents’ house, I highly recommend learning how to cook. The advantage to learn cooking is you do not have to eat junk food daily; you’ll save a lot of money and healthy food packed with nutrition.

6. Give your place a makeover: You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to give your living space a makeover. Just move around the furniture a little bit and buy some home decor item, if needed. You don’t have to paint the walls and change flooring (if you are willing to, then go ahead), adding a bit of creativity and DIY will do the job.

7. Go on a trip: Trips are more fun when you have friends or family to enjoy with. This summer take the people you love on a trip and have memorable time with your folks and friends. You can plan a road trip on a weekend with your friends (road trips are more fun with friends) or take your family on a nice vacation.

8. Read: This one is for everyone irrespective of the amount of interest and enthusiasm you have in reading. It’s a myth that people who loves reading only read those thick 500 pages novels. There’s always something to read for everyone. So, if you are someone who is fond of reading, read books from your TBR pile. If you don’t like reading stories and fantasy novels, read intellectual books, books that are motivating and inspiring. If you really don’t want to read books with pages full of words, go for graphic novels, mangas, etc. Graphic novels are so inspiring and motivating like Naruto and One Piece, which is any time preferable than spending hours on phone and social media.

My Favorite Books:

1. Harry Potter Series

2. The Broken Earth Trilogy

My Favorite Mangas:

1. Naruto

2. One Piece

9. Get a part-time job: If you absolutely have no plan to travel and want to earn some money during summer to support yourself financially, get a part time job. Irrespective of your age whether a student in high school or a university student, there’s always a job for you, all you need is to search at the right place.

10. Declutter your closet: Summer has arrived and all the winter clothes must be pushed backwards into that deep dark closet and when there’s no more room left in the closet; we shove them in all the small spaces we see. Instead, declutter all that’s in the closet which does not fit you, which you hardly wear and either, sell it on depop or donate it to the people who needs them.

11. Start a Business: You can start an Etsy shop and sell some stuff over the summer. You can also start your blog and make some money. Shopify is another great platform to make money. Of course, you won’t turn into a millionaire overnight, but they can make you a good amount of money when done properly.

12. Add a new habit: You can start practicing new habit and add them into your schedule or routine. There are things we want to start doing on regular basis but we procrastinate. Some ideas of habits you can try or practice are:

            Do Yoga

            Do Exercise

            Hit Gym Daily

            Write Pages

            Use Planner

            Start Journaling

            Do Laundry Regularly

            Start Gratitude Journaling, etc.

13. Volunteer: Volunteering at places like pet shelter or orphan brings a type of joy and happiness no amount of money can give. There’s so much to learn from everyone and hearing other people’s story can teach us the type of things which are no school or online courses can teach and we may end up cherishing forever. This is one of the best way of giving back to the world.