Dreams, goals, accomplishments and success…

It feels so satisfying to imagine and daydream the life we want to live and achieve everything you ever wanted. But, the idea of achieving our goals is, sometimes, mentally draining in itself. So, we humans, lazier than Koala decide to sleep and dream rather than working in reality. I know it’s extremely confusing and frightening when you have no idea from where to start and how to get things done.


Let’s say you want to write a book. You have an amazing idea and story in your mind that you want to change into book. But you don’t know how, when and everything is blurry and foggy ahead. So, when you create a plan, you create a road-map which will lead you to your goals.

Having a plan is indeed more useful as it clarifies the path and you know that everything, meaning every little thing is laid down and all you got to do is gain the momentum to stick with that plan consistently.

So, here are steps which will easily help you to create a detailed plan for your goals.

1. Realise: The very first step is to realise and understand if there’s something that makes you fail in sticking to the plan or to the schedule or even to the schedule you create for yourself. Try to discover if there are any issues like you are not able to allocate enough time to tasks, or you get distracted by something (especially, your phone), or you push things for the next day, or you have no confidence and faith in yourself.

But, let me tell you a thing, fear of failure and procrastination kills more dreams than failure does. You need to get out of your comfort and step in places that makes you nervous, scares you, that makes your heart beat fast, and, that’s how we achieve things in life, my friend.

When you realise your barriers, it is now time to break through those barriers.

If you have an issue with time allocation and management, note down what you do the whole day, how long it takes, where and how much time you spend on unproductive things in a day, then accordingly plan your schedule.

If there’s a problem with motivation and fear. I have a tip. Make a Goal Setting Planner. Just take a journal, write what your goals are and why you want to achieve them in the first place, on the first page of your journal. So, If you ever feel demotivated, hopeless and want to give up, just read the first page of your journal and get going. Also, surround yourself with positive energy.

2. Do your research: When you are aware of your goals, now you gotta do some serious research about your goals. When I said research, that meant you gotta know every little thing that is a part of your goal.

Moving forward with an example of writing a book, you have to calculate all the little things like developing characters, creating plot, writing chapters, editing them, looking for publisher (if not self-publishing), getting the book proof read, etc.

All these little and miscellaneous things sometimes end up taking a lot of time. So, it is better to add all the tasks in your planner.

3. Setting a deadline: When you set a deadline for your goals, be extremely rational. Don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself and your efforts. Give yourself optimum time to complete tasks. The main issue that must be avoided is rushing of tasks to complete it on the day. This will only end up ruining the work which will leave you unsatisfied and may even need to redo it.

4. Create a Plan: Creating a plan is basically knowing what you have to do and breaking it down into mini goals. It kinda tricks our mind because when we say, we want to write a book, it is all vague, sounds overwhelming and you don’t know what we have to do right at the moment. So, breaking the big goal into smaller ones will literally help you get so much done. For an instance, the deadline of writing a book is 5 months from now so, in the first month I will create a plot, develop characters, write and edit 5 chapters. In the second month, I’ll write and edit 5 more chapters and so on.

5. Be determined: Determination and consistency are the more into factors which leads us to our dreams. You have to stick with your plan and get to your goals. Of course, people and your own self will doubt and judge your decision every now and then, which is totally fine, the only thing you need to remember on this whole journey is to never back down.

Starting this blog was not the easiest thing for me. It was and is still challenging. It is tough for me to put myself and my work out there in front people I don’t know. I had to step out of my comfort zone where I felt warm and cozy, to achieve what I want.

Things we want won’t come to us easily. Trying to achieve goals is a wild goose chase and that is the reason why only few people get what they want, rather than settling for something less. They don’t give up and are extremely persistent, which sets them apart from the rest of the world. We need to do things we never did, to get what we never had.

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