It is almost 2 months that I started my blog "Art Beyond Living". I started blogging because firstly, I love writing, secondly, I always have extremely hard time communicating and socialising with people (yes, I'm an introverted soul) and I wanted to overcome it. And the last reason why I started this blog was to earn money (all those income reports bloggers post with loads of zeros are quite fascinating).

Two months ago, when I started this blog, I was still a university student who was and is still studying. I'm a student and not a full-time blogger. I want to start my business and to begin with a blog was a good idea. But the road to success and money is a long way down.


1. Blogging is not an overnight success. It takes time, consistency and a heck lot of efforts. It is not something where you'll find yourself turned into a millionaire within a month or time. It takes a lot of hard work. You have to be persistence (I failed).

2. Market your blog: Even if you have the most amazing content on your blog, but no one reads it. How will your audience find you? So, you have to find a way to get that to the people (SEO, Social Media, etc., can help). If you are blogging to make money, then marketing is the main key.

3. You won't get 1000-page views as soon as you make a blog. It takes time for people to see your content and it take even more time to find your audience and build their trust.
If you are about to launch a blog, I would highly recommend you to write at least 10 to 15 blog posts on your blog so, your readers will have something more to read and stay at your blog.

The only thing I can do is put all the hard work it asks for. Hopefully, I will be able to give everything I could.


1. BALANCE: Before I started blogging, I always thought that I was good with balancing my work and life.

But, I was so WRONG.

With studying, exam, blogging and my health, everything was a complete mess. I was not able to give my 100% to even a single thing.

I was not able to stick with my schedule and do everything I was supposed to do.

2. INTERACT MORE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: As unrealistic as it sounds, it is extremely hard for me to talk and interact with people. I'm one of those people who spends their whole day in their room.

With that being said, I need to totally jump out of my well and work hard, I sound weird but I really need to interact with my audience.

If you read this blog post, feel free to leave a comment because you guys means a lot to me.

3. WORK HARDER: There is no doubt that nothing's gonna pay off if I don't work really hard. If I want to see results, I really need to treat my blog as a business.

If you are a new blogger too, LET'S NOT GIVE UP ALREADY.



I don't feel ashamed to say that it is £0.

Like, what should I even expect when I did literally nothing as a blogger for past 2 months.

I need to get into action to make some dollars for sure.

I do feel hopeless and unmotivated from time to time, but that is totally fine.

1. Earn at least £150 online: I don't want to put a big 4-digit number because I really don't want to disappoint myself.

I know I'm capable of earning more but it is online and I don't want to get my hopes really high.

2. Launch my Virtual Assistant Page: I have been planning to work as a virtual assistant for a while. I mean, the feeling of helping someone is absolutely amazing.

It is rewarding, you can learn a lot because I go to business school and it is a great opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs while helping them.

3. Create a new schedule: I literally ranted throughout the blog post about my IMBALANCED LIFE.

Sticking with my old schedule is not working AT ALL.

I need to create a new one.

4. Focus on health: It is hilarious to even count the number of times I fell sick and got infection in last 2 months.

The changing weather and me being bad at self-care led to this.

I was way too focused on my exams and totally neglected my body.

5. Perform well in exam: I have an exam on August 8, so I need to perform well.

I love that satisfaction of A+.

6. Write at least 10 blog posts: I want this blog to help people and grow. So, I will try my best to write AT LEAST 10 blog posts.

I want to write more but let's stick with smallest two-digit number.

7. Edit my Website: I'm having some issue with SEO of my blog, hopefully I'll fix that soon.

8. Get back into my hobbies: I love reading and drawing, but I haven't read a single book for past 3 months.

So, I want to get back into reading and drawing. Drawing is kinda stress reliever for me.
9. Reach 100 Pinterest followers: The number of followers doesn't bother me but it affects page views and number of people who see and read my blog. I'm currently at 40 followers.


This whole month will be a GYST for me. (GYST, I learnt that from one of my favourite Youtuber Kalyn Nicholson). Let's make this a good month with working online. I want to make this the most productive month of second half of 2019.

You can tell me what are your major goals the month of August and we can have a little chat.    

And if you made it till the end, thank you so much for reading my blog post.

It would be an absolute pleasure if you can subscribe to the newsletter.

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