Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a conversation with the mirror on the wall and questioning if you are beautiful or not?

Well, I did that all the time. Beauty was a thing for me which I would never own.
And, I was totally wrong.
Beauty is a characteristic which we have to develop over time.

So, let's see what a dictionary of humans have to say about 'beauty'.
It stands for the quality of being pleasing, especially to look at, or someone or something that gives great pleasure, especially when you look at it.

When I was a kid, my family was going through some serious financial crisis.
My parents being one of the most selfless humans on the Earth, saved every single penny they could to provide me with good education and meet all my needs. My mom never purchased makeup stating it as a waste of money, and my parents did not buy clothes for a year or two when we were going through hard times.
Brought up in a family like this, education and health had have been the only priority of my parents. And like any other parents, they always told me that I am beautiful. They told me to define a human by his or her behaviour, and not by like face. I was taught to take care of my body, but never obsess over it. Our body is the place where our soul resides, and we have to keep it HEALTHY.

This is where the whole world lacks clarity. People have lost the sense to distinguish between HEALTHY and PERFECT. The "society" has been subtly
teaching us for years that beauty standards and measurements set by them are the true definition of beauty. If you do not meet those benchmarks of so called beauty, you will be told all your life that how you could be more beautiful if you had those features.

This concept of beauty is not something which appeared overnight. It is going on for centuries where ladies cut their skin for blood loss to look paler. Back in time people with dark skin were called demons and white skin was considered superior.
Few of these standards has been abolished over time, but many of those still exists.


1. SOCIETY, CULTURE AND FAMILY: Society and family plays a very crucial role in shaping the minds of children teaching them good values, and a vision to look at the world. When a kid from his or her early age is told to define beauty under certain parameters set by the people, they will end up accepting them. Later, when they'll enter their teen, they will be insecure of themselves and want to change it. Eventually, those kids will become parents and may end up passing on that same knowledge of beauty to their kids and will push them to change their body to be positively welcomed in the society.

The most famous example is South Korea which is considered the capital of plastic surgeries. People in South Korea openly confront others for bad skin and even dark skin, for their physical features, weight, etc. It has been reported that mothers in South Korea pushes their child to get plastic surgeries to enhance their beauty.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media was initially created to get connected with the people across the globe. No wonder, it is of great use, but the list of disadvantages is not getting any shorter. Social media, which can provide us with abundant information , can also destroy our minds. Social media is filled with stuff which makes us envy less about our career, goals, future, but more about our physical appearance and other materialistic things. Memes and trolls are indirectly meant to criticise people. With that being said, they stop loving and appreciating themselves. This leads them to change their bodies at any cost. A recent report states that 80% of teens across the globe uses social networking sites. Teenagers have the most adaptable minds as well as the minds which can be easily manipulated.

3. PUBLIC FIGURES / CELEBRITIES / INFLUENCERS: YouTube and Instagram is filled with influencers of diversified niches. Celebrities are also the group of people who have major influence on the public. We love them for their uniqueness.

Being a public figure comes with some major responsibilities. Public figures are brands. They have high influence on the public. They can hike the sell of any product just by using it once. This happens because of their name is hooked with the product. Their power is impressive.

But when they post, talk or advertise a product without even using it once, are absolutely clueless about its composition, and falsely claim that they have been using it and it gives incredible result.
Public figures do advertisement in exchange of certain amount of money. The public who trust these people will end up buying this product. Manier times the products are not good which also leads to dissatisfaction and sometimes, even health issues. Public figures may tarnish their image as well as convey wrong message to the public.
Can we talk about how many people advertised "slim tea" on Instagram?


Imagine people telling you all the time that you are fat when you are healthy and not even obsess. We become consciously aware and the healthy flesh soon changes into insecurity. This will eventually lead to lower confidence and low self esteem.

People tend to talk negative about themselves. They joke about the8r so called "flaws" before others could and laugh about it. They develop a self-hatted which may lead to hurting themselves physically.

We always want something we don't have. We are all beautiful in the most unique way. But the urge to change what we are given naturally arises when we are no longer happy with it. People criticses them, behave differently, say things about their body which hurts them deeply. We are ready to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to change the "flaw" and be accepted by those people.


1. The creator (God or Mother Nature, whatever you believe in) has created everyone without any discrimination whether it's snake, bee or humans. They all look fascinating in their own way. We, humans, are all equally beautiful. It only takes the right eyes to embrace and appreciate that beauty.

2. Judge how beautiful a human is by his behaviour, loyalty, kindness, and not by the appearance.

3. Do not change what you are given just because an irrelevant person told you that you are not good enough.

4. There are hundreds of things that comes before the appearance. Focus on that, it will be more helpful and profitable.

5. Try to understand the difference between healthy body and so called beautiful body.

6. Ageing is a part of life, appreciate it.

7. Lastly, to all the people who read this, please do not say any rude or harsh statements to anyone about their appearances because it might not affect you, but the other person could be trying hard to be appreciated by people and change his or her body.

I. D. MoonComment